Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • AI Assistant:
    Serves as a 24/7 AI business assistant, helping users at every stage of their business planning journey.
  • Business Idea Testing:
    Users can test different business types to determine the best fit for their ideas.
  • Question-Based Guidance:
    Ask questions as they arise, guiding market research, pricing, and other critical aspects of business planning.
  • Automation of Tasks:
    The tool offloads administrative and research tasks to its AI, ensuring users can focus on strategic planning rather than time-consuming activities.
  • Pitch Generation:
    Enables users to create a clean and concise one-page pitch, making it easy to share business ideas with potential collaborators or investors.


Bizway is a business planning app that simplifies and speeds up the process of developing and refining your business ideas. It’s your AI-powered business assistant for research, marketing, and planning. This tool tests different business types, helping you discover the best fit for your unique idea. It allows you to ask questions about market research, pricing, or any other aspect of your business concept as they arise. Pitch your business idea effectively to collaborators and investors through a concise presentation. It provides access to free AI tools, such as brand name generators, SWOT analysis generators, and more, to further enhance your business planning process. Bizway’s interface allows you to input your business idea and create AI-assisted pages.


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