Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Focused Interviews
    : Recruiters can watch top prospects pitch live on video and only invite those who align with their hiring needs.
  • Follow-Up Videos
    : Employers can request follow-up videos from top candidates to gain deeper insights and make more informed hiring decisions.
  • Real-Time Statistics
    : The platform offers real-time tracking of vacancy conversions, page stats, and the performance of external ads or sources.
  • Decision-Making
    : Supports a unanimous decision-making process, shortlisting or dropping applications when there is consensus among the hiring team.
  • Video Applications
    : Job seekers can apply for positions by recording short video pitches.
  • AI Analysis
    : Analyzes video submissions, considering factors like speech, body language, personality traits, and cultural fit.
  • Automated Ranking
    : The platform ranks candidates based on AI analysis.
  • Personality Assessment
    : Emphasizes personality assessment alongside skills.
  • Collaboration
    : Employers can invite clients or external stakeholders to watch and vote on applicants via text (SMS) or email.


Candydate introduces an innovative method of hiring using short videos and AI. This tool simplifies and improves the recruitment process, making it efficient and insightful. Job seekers can apply by recording short video pitches, which AI then analyzes. The AI considers skills, personality traits, speech, body language, and cultural fit. This ensures you find candidates who are the right fit for your organization. You can watch video submissions to make well-informed decisions. This platform simplifies hiring with AI-powered features like automated ranking, transcriptions, and advanced candidate insights. Candydate supports collaboration, real-time statistics tracking, and a consensus-based approach to shortlisting candidates. You can request follow-up videos to gain further insights from top candidates.


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