Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Data Source Connectivity:
    Allows users to connect nearly any data source to large language models.
  • Data Security:
    The tool mirrors data source permissions, masks sensitive data, and maintains comprehensive audit logs for every interaction.
  • AI Chat & Apps:
    Users can chat with AI, build custom applications, and utilize AI applications like GPT-4 32k and Claude. 
  • Multiple Deployment:
    It can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, giving enterprises flexibility and control over their data. 
  • Audit Logs:
    Provides detailed audit logs on all data shared with AI providers, allowing organizations to track data usage with transparency and compliance.
  • Data Redaction:
    The tool enables the redaction of sensitive keywords, phrases, or entire categories of data before it leaves the organization.
  • Enforce Use Policies:
    Organizations can define and enforce their acceptable use policies.
  • Permissions Synchronization:
    Automatically tracks and syncs permissions for documents, pages, or channels in Google Docs, Confluence, or Slack.
  • Cloud Integration:
      Interoperates with existing infrastructure, including cloud and Kubernetes clusters, and supports Azure OpenAI, OpenAI Foundry, Anthropic, Bard, or Open Source models.
  • Enterprise Administration:
    Offers cost controls per API token, usage analytics, AI adoption benchmarking, and more.


Credal provides a secure and efficient way for enterprises to use AI while protecting their data. This tool connects various data sources with large language models. It mirrors data source permissions, masks sensitive information, and logs every interaction. Users can engage in secure chats, build applications, or use AI-driven apps like GPT-4 32k and Claude with this tool. Its pre-integrated data sticks to access policies, data masking, and acceptable use guidelines. Credal offers a chat interface, a Slack bot, and straightforward data connectors that ensure immediate value for users. It provides strong security controls for defining, enforcing, and auditing access. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises, this tool guarantees data security. It offers audit logs, sensitive data redaction, and enforcement of acceptable use policies. It also provides permissions syncing for documents and channels, maintaining compliance with source system permissions. Credal supports BYOI, SAML/SCIM integration, and advanced enterprise administration features.


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