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November 4, 2023


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Key Features:

  • Lead Research:
    Uses GPT-based AI to research leads on the internet.
  • Verifiable Answers:
    Ensures the information is credible and backed by reliable sources.
  • LinkedIn Integration:
    User can find LinkedIn profile URLs for individuals based on their full names.
  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper:
    Users can scrape LinkedIn profiles for valuable information such as job experience, education, etc.
  • Lead Qualification:
    Uses LinkedIn data and text from websites to qualify leads according to specific parameters and Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • Company Website Finder:
    Users can find and validate website URLs for companies based on their names.
  • Name Cleaning:
    Flags and corrects name issues, including special characters, improper title cases, misspelled names, and connected entries.
  • Bloomberg Ticker Finder:
    It helps users find Bloomberg tickers for companies, simplifying financial research and analysis.
  • Industry Categorization:
    Uses internet searches to determine a company’s industry, offering valuable insights for targeting.
  • Company Location Finder:
    Users can discover the headquarters or locations of companies, assisting in geographic targeting.
  • Job Title Qualification:
    Qualifies sales leads based on LinkedIn profile job titles.
  • Text Extraction:
    Extracts text from websites, enabling users to get information and answers related to website content.
  • Phone Number Standardization:
    Standardizes phone numbers into the desired format.


Double is a tool that streamlines lead management and research processes. It cleans, enriches, and qualifies leads. This makes it a helpful asset for businesses and professionals.

Users can use the power of GPT technology to research leads on the internet and get answers to questions. The tool verifies these answers with citations. This ensures the information is reasonable and linked to reliable sources.

It simplifies lead qualification by providing a range of functionalities. These include converting person names into LinkedIn profile URLs, scouring information from LinkedIn profiles, and using LinkedIn data to qualify leads based on job title and location criteria. It can also analyze website text, categorize industries, locate company headquarters, and assess job titles.

Double assists in data cleaning by flagging and correcting issues in names, email addresses, and phone numbers. This enhances the accuracy of lead databases.

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