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April 24, 2024


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AI-powered assistant for efficient, insightful, and compliant project workflows.

What is Flexberry?

Flexberry is an AI Assistant for business analysts and UI/UX designers. It helps simplify the process of text analysis. It generates mockup forms, SQL scripts, and UML diagrams within minutes. The tool uses AI to automate certain aspects of daily tasks related to textual data.

The AI Assistant has several features to improve productivity and efficiency. It can extract information from natural language, organize data, and create project metadata. It can also generate prototypes of visual project diagrams, database structures, and business process diagrams. This helps to visualize complex systems.

The AI Assistant checks that project documentation has all the necessary information. It generates standard text to reduce manual document creation time.

Flexberry’s AI Assistant is designed to assist, not replace, humans. It automates tasks to save time and increase productivity. It can analyze texts and generate mockup forms, SQL scripts, and UML diagrams. Ongoing development is focused on expanding its capabilities to analyze a broader range of textual data.

Just input your text on the demo page to use the AI Assistant. The AI algorithm then processes the text to generate the output. Results are either displayed immediately or sent to your email for later review.

Flexberry’s AI Assistant is flexible, easy to use, and adaptable to specific tasks in companies. It offers different scenarios for analysis, design formulation, and other tasks. It adheres to industry best practices and requirements. Its user-friendly interface and AI abilities empower business analysts and UI/UX designers to work more efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Information Extraction:

    Extracts information from natural language for system building.

  • Information Structuring:

    Structures information by category, aligning with best practices.

  • Business Analysis:

    Create interactive dashboards and reports to explore and understand business data.

  • Content Management:

    Tailor content to specific audiences and SEO best practices.

  • Code Generation:

    Generate code for various programming languages based on specifications and requirements.

  • Prototyping Generation:

    Generates prototypes of visual project diagrams and databases.

  • Requirements Analysis:

    Analyzes statements and requirements for completeness.

  • Documentation Assistance:

    Assists in preparing project documentation by automating text formation.

  • MVP Creation:

    Enables quick and easy MVP creation for proposed solutions.

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