Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • AI Assistant:
    Allows users to interact with AI-powered assistants for instant answers. Users can guide and coach these assistants to provide tailored responses.
  • Multi-Channel Support:
    Users can converse with AI assistants through their channel of choice, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  • Ticket Deflection:
    KNO+ helps deflect support tickets by providing quick and accurate answers, resulting in cost savings.
  • Data Security:
    The platform provides enterprise-grade security features to safeguard data and communications.
  • Collaboration:
    KNO+ offers a collaborative workspace for teams to work with AI assistants effectively.
  • Integration:
    KNO+ integrates with Slack, allowing users to interact with AI assistants directly in the Slack platform.
  • Industry Applications:
    The tool is suitable for various industries, including insurance, financial services, ed-tech, SaaS, and HR-tech.
  • Custom APIs:
    Users can customize the platform’s APIs to meet specific needs and integrate it seamlessly into their existing systems.


Altius introduces KNO+, an AI solution designed for instant answers guided by users. KNO+ facilitates self-service assistance for teams and end-users across various communication channels. It offers the capabilities of Generative AI under user control. KNO+ features include creating multiple assistants. It learns from user sources, one-click training, and supporting URLs and documents. It provides answers from the internet, offers a secure workspace, and integrates enterprise-grade security. The platform delivers solutions 300 times faster, improving user engagement by 30%. It makes agents twice more productive, reducing service costs by 50%. KNO+ streamlines tech processes, allowing a sharper focus on core development. KNO+ includes the KNO Platform, Coachable Assistants, a forthcoming KNO Widget, and a Slack version. It offers efficient alternatives to search engines and traditional bots, benefiting industries like insurance, financial services, ed-tech, SaaS, and HR-tech.


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