Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • DMARC Analyzer:
    Protect your domain from email spoofing with DMARC analysis and policy enforcement.
  • MTA-STS and TLS-RPT:
    Enforce TLS encryption for your emails and monitor deliverability issues with simplified TLS reports.
  • BIMI:
    Attach your unique brand logo to marketing and sales emails for improved brand recognition.
  • SPF Record Flattening:
    Simplify SPF record management with one-click SPF flattening.
  • Email Alerts:
    Monitor forensic and threshold incidents directly from your mailbox.
  • Whitelabel DMARC:
    Resell PowerDMARC services with your branding, customize plans, and personalize the platform.
  • Forensic Reporting:
    Monitor DMARC data on an organized dashboard.
  • Email Header Analysis:
    Analyze email header data for enhanced security.
  • Threat Map:
    Monitor real-time email spoofing attacks globally.
  • DMARC Training Courses:
    Learn about DMARC and email authentication with Fundamentals & Advanced courses.
  • Threat Intelligence (TI):
    Gain visibility into malicious sources abusing your domains with AI-driven threat intelligence.
  • Report IP Abuse:
    Report IPs impersonating your brand and sending unauthorized emails.
    Automate email authentication protocol configuration, integrate with third-party applications and enjoy expert assistance.


PowerDMARC is an email authentication and security platform. It protects your domain from unauthorized use and email spoofing. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) is at the core of this tool, allowing domain owners to safeguard their email integrity. Beyond DMARC, the tool offers a broad suite of features. These include hosted MTA-STS and TLS-RPT for encrypted email delivery, hosted BIMI for brand recognition, and hosted SPF Record Flattening for simplified setup. It provides insights into email header analysis, live spoofing threat maps, and DMARC training courses. Its powerful protection combats CEO Fraud, fake invoices, and login credential theft. The tool provides powerful email security with threat intelligence visibility, encrypted forensics, and IP abuse reporting. PowerDMARC’s user-friendly interface, API, and free DMARC DNS tools further enhance email security, protecting your domain from phishing attacks and unauthorized use.


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