Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop:
    Users can upload their research files by dragging and dropping them into the platform.
  • Summarisation:
    Summarizes documents, allowing users to grasp the key points and insights without requiring extensive reading and data extraction.
  • Chatbot:
    This feature enables users to engage in natural conversations with their research data.
  • Competitor Analysis:
    The tool generates a list of direct competitors within the application.
  • Sentiment Analysis:
    This helps users better understand user feedback by evaluating overall sentiment and allowing them to dive into specific statements and impressions.
  • Report Generation:
    Users can view and export comprehensive reports in their preferred formats, including Average Persona, Data Diagrams, and Report Exports.
  • Insights:
    The platform provides valuable insights and takeaways from the research data, helping users derive actionable strategies and recommendations.


Research Studio simplifies research analysis for UX, Marketing, and Product development professionals. This platform eases the research process, making it accessible to everyone. Users can transform their raw research data into actionable insights by dragging and dropping their research files into the platform. Research Studio handles reading and data extraction with its AI model. One of its features is Summarisation. It condenses lengthy documents into concise summaries, saving valuable time. Users can also engage in natural conversations with their research through the AI Chat function. Inquiring about metrics, pain points, and people’s roles is easy. Research Studio provides insights into competitors, creating a list of competitors for analysis and sharing. It also aids in understanding user feedback by evaluating sentiment and delving into specific statements and impressions. Users can also export complete reports in their preferred formats.


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