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Key Features:

  • TikTok-Style Communication:
    Provides a modern, TikTok-style approach to internal communications.
  • Engagement Tracking:
    Ensures content performs better than traditional email and intranet communications.
  • Content Generation:
    Convert audio and video messages into shareable social media posts, summaries, and blogs, saving time and effort.
  • Secure Sharing:
    Enables secure sharing options, allowing organizations to distribute internal and external content.
  • Omnichannel Notifications:
    It offers omnichannel notifications that reach employees on their preferred devices.
  • Third-Party Integration:
    Uses existing investments in Microsoft 365 to increase functionality without extra IT tools. 
  • Data Analytics:
    Provides easy-to-use dashboards for tracking the impact of each message.
  • Custom Branding:
    Allows organizations to enhance their identity by adding custom branding.
  • Business Solutions:
    Offers integrated solutions that use voice and video to automate various business processes.


Soundbite is a modern communication platform designed to enable stronger connections within organizations. It offers a TikTok-style system for internal communications, making it engaging. The platform handles common challenges like low email and intranet engagement. It has content that performs 600% better than traditional email.

One distinctive feature is the Soundbite Wizard. It uses AI to transform audio and video messages into social media posts, summaries, and blogs. It also allows for secure content sharing past the organization. This makes it perfect for company updates and employer branding.

Soundbite packs important functionalities into a single platform. It provides for employees who prefer modern formats over classic tools. It uses existing Microsoft 365 investments. This tool offers integration with various third-party apps and intranets.

Soundbite offers a time-saving and engaging business solution. It simplifies content distribution and maximizes reach through omnichannel notifications. It also provides data-driven insights and allows custom branding.


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