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April 18, 2024


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Transform conversations on WhatsApp with AI chatbots—no coding needed.

What is Botsy?

Botsy is an innovative AI chatbot platform. It helps users to create and deploy intelligent chatbots on WhatsApp. Users can bid farewell to menu-based interactions as this tool provides natural conversations. It understands and responds to messages like a human.

The tool provides flexibility in branding and customization. Users can deploy their chatbots on new or existing WhatsApp numbers. This gives them a distinctive brand identity. The customization doesn’t need coding skills, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Botsy places control in the hands of users by allowing them to decide who can interact with the chatbot. This is managed through managed contact lists and access control features. It ensures a secure and tailored interaction environment.

Understanding users is a core strength of this tool. Through ongoing conversations, it extracts essential data about users. This enables businesses to offer personalized support, advice, or services. Users can increase their chatbot’s knowledge by uploading proprietary information. This makes it uniquely theirs in content and tone.

As a customer-centric platform, the tool offers hands-on training for new users. This ensures a smooth onboarding process. Customers get CRM integration help, best practice guidance, and customizable analytics reports.

Building a chatbot with Botsy is easy, taking only 60 seconds. Users can start with sample bots and customize them to meet their needs. Botsy stands as a versatile tool. It adopts the transformative power of AI to improve communication, support, and accessibility on WhatsApp.

Key Features

  • AI Chatbot:

    It uses a large language model trained on massive amounts of text data to generate human-like conversations.

  • Chatbot Generation:

    This tool offers templates or customizable options for chatbot personalities and conversational flows.

  • Natural Language Processing:

    The tool processes user input to understand intent, context, and key information.

  • Dialogue Management:

    It handles the flow of conversation, keeping track of context and history.

  • Data Customization:

    Allow users to fine-tune the chatbot’s language model with specific data sets.

Pricing table :

Message Bundle Price Cost Per Message
Standard $499 $0.10
Premium Starts at $899 $0.09

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