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April 18, 2024


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Your AI partner for swift insights and effortless interaction.

What is ChatPDF?

ChatPDF is a tool designed to help users interact with PDF documents. It acts as a specialized AI for PDFs, allowing users to summarize content and find answers within PDF files.

The tool caters to various user groups, including students, researchers, and professionals. For students, it helps in exam preparation, homework help, and addressing MCQs. Researchers can extract information from scientific papers, academic articles, and books. Professionals find it useful for handling legal documents, financial reports, manuals, and training materials.

ChatPDF supports many languages, making it accessible to a global audience. It accepts PDFs in any language and can converse in various languages. Its citation of sources within the original PDF documents ensures users can access references without needing to search through the pages. It prioritizes security and privacy, storing files in a secure cloud environment to safeguard user data.

Key Features:

  • AI Chatbot

    Users can interact with PDFs using natural language and get relevant information.

  • Context Understanding

    It goes beyond simple keyword matching and understands the context and meaning of the text.

  • Information Extraction

    Identifies the main ideas, arguments, and evidence within the document.

  • Text Summarization

    Generates concise summaries of the entire document or specific sections.

  • Fact Checker

    Verifies the accuracy of information within the document and provides references.

  • Content Editing

    Make simple changes within the conversation, like correcting typos or adding notes.

  • Collaboration

    Share documents and chat with team members to discuss and analyze content.

  • Annotations & Comments

    Add comments and annotations to specific sections of the document for reference.

  • Multilingual Support

    Works with PDFs in any language and can chat in multiple languages.

  • Data Security

    Encrypts your data and deletes it after seven days.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard ₹579/mo ₹4052.99/year

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