God in a Box| AI-Powered WhatsApp Assistant with ChatGPT 3.5
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April 19, 2024

God in a Box

Free + Paid Plans
Get intuitive advice and stunning image generation with God in a Box, your AI-powered companion on WhatsApp

What is God In a Box?

God In a Box allows users to interact directly with GPT-3.5 via WhatsApp. Users can engage the powerful AI on a wide range of topics, spanning from wound care to cooking to philosophy, by sending a message to the bot. It provides instant access to God-level advice and insights, allowing users to seek guidance and information effortlessly.

Additionally, text-based interactions offer the ability to generate AI images using the !create command. Subscribers get unlimited messaging privileges and 30 image credits per month for $9/month. This feature enables users to tap into AI’s creative potential and reimagine their photos in unique and exciting ways.

To generate AI images, users can use the !create command followed by a prompt. This allows the AI to produce visually stunning outputs based on the provided input, helping users seek to reimagine selfies or photos or simply generate ideas. The AI image generation feature offers endless possibilities for creative expression.

Using God In a Box is as simple as messaging a friend on WhatsApp. The platform understands context and allows users to converse with the AI. Conversations automatically reset after 10 minutes of inactivity, and users can use the !reset command to reset a conversation manually.

Users should adhere to certain guidelines while using the platform, sending at most one message every 10 seconds to prevent abuse of the system.

God In a Box provides users with a convenient and accessible means to access GPT-3.5’s capabilities and generate images. The tool boasts a user-friendly interface and powerful features, opening up new avenues for creativity and exploration in AI.

Key Features:

  • AI Assistant:

    The tool works as an AI assistant on WhatsApp, answering queries and more.

  • Text-to-Image:

    The tool provides image generation, crafting stunning visuals from text prompts.

  • Image-to-Image:

    Offers image generation from a reference image and a text prompt.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost
Premium Starts at $9/mo

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