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December 10, 2023


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AI magic to create, refine, and reimagine visuals and words, making creativity effortless.

Key Features:

  • Text-to-Image:
    Transform your creative ideas into stunning art, images, and graphics by describing your vision.
  • Writing Assistant:
    Boost your writing creativity with AI assistance, generating captivating content for articles, videos, podcasts, product descriptions, and more. 
  • Game Generation:
    Develop and market games with AI assistance, including creating backgrounds, weapons, characters, game copy, and more. 
  • Translation:
    Simplify translation for various localization files into over 70 languages, preserving the original format.
  • Format Conversion:
    Convert SVG images to PNG, JPG, and other formats for versatile use. 
  • Icon Resizer:
    Resize icons and images for various platforms, ensuring compatibility with mandated sizes and resolutions.
  • Overview

    Hotpot is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify graphic design, image editing, and content writing. This wide platform offers various user-friendly software to ease creative tasks. The AI Art Generator allows individuals to turn their ideas into art, graphics, and images by just describing them. It can help you create headshots, glamour shots, or any other visual concept. The tool also contains AI copywriting that generates content for articles, ads, and more, to image tools like background removal, object removal, and picture colorization. You can also restore old or damaged photos, upscale images for better quality, and personalize art in various styles. Hotpot offers practical utilities like file translation, color generation, icon resizing, and SVG to PNG conversion, making it a valuable resource for designers, content creators, and marketers.

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