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Key Features:

  • AI Assistant:
    ReadyRunner harnesses AI technology to assist with a wide range of tasks, including writing, coding, learning, and more, enhancing productivity across various domains. 
  • Prompt Library:
    Access a library of prompts for translation, summarization, coding assistance, debugging, and more. 
  • Assistant Chat:
    Engage in standard AI conversations with customizable system prompts to interact with the assistant.


ReadyRunner is an AI-powered assistant that can be used on both desktop and web. It increases productivity by providing AI technology to assist with writing, coding, learning, and more.

The tool has three chat options: Assistant Chat, Scratchpad, and Document Chat. Assistant Chat enables standard AI conversations with customizable system prompts, while Scratchpad enables collaboration with the AI assistant while editing and asking questions in a text pane. Document Chat allows you to add long and complex documents to the chat, allowing the assistant to provide relevant answers based on document analysis.

One of the most notable features of ReadyRunner is the global hotkey access, which allows you to access the tool from anywhere on your system quickly. This means you can ask questions and receive assistance without interrupting your workflow. The system prompt library offers various translation, summarizing, coding, debugging, and more prompts.

ReadyRunner also provides a user-friendly interface with features like assistant memory, multi-line composer history, and a GPT-3 & GPT-4 model switcher.


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