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June 10, 2024


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Jigso’s Sidekick, Your AI-Powered Business Assistant for Streamlined Efficiency

What is Sidekick by Jigso?

Sidekick by Jigso is an AI Command Center that simplifies workflow management and improves user productivity across various industries. This innovative tool is a reliable assistant. It also keeps users informed, organized, and on track with their tasks and projects.

Users can track important metrics, sales pipelines, client interactions, open issues, and tasks. The AI assistant sends timely alerts on critical matters. This ensures that users stay updated and focused on what matters most.

The platform provides instant answers and information on various topics and connected applications. Users can ask questions about revenue data, sales deals, open tickets, Google Docs, and more. They can receive accurate and relevant responses in real-time.

The tool helps users manage information, set reminders, organize tasks, and maintain their goals. Its summarization feature shortens lengthy discussions, documents, articles, and other content into concise summaries. This allows users to stay informed without investing excessive time and effort.

Sidekick uses ChatGPT 4 to generate content such as emails, posts, ideas, and other text-based materials. This integration improves the user’s ability to create compelling content. The tool also optimizes users’ workflow and productivity.

The tool empowers sales and marketing teams to win more deals. It helps customer success teams stay on top of their responsibilities. The platform provides operations and management teams with full observability over all areas of operation.

Sidekick integrates with organizational applications and systems of record. This ensures users maximize their capabilities and derive the most value from the tool. The tool focuses on data security and privacy. It puts in place best practices to safeguard users’ sensitive information and provide them peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Natural Language Interaction:

    You can engage with it in plain language within Slack, making it simple to request assistance.

  • Task Management:

    The tool helps in setting reminders, receiving alerts, sorting tasks, and generating concise document summaries.

  • Content Generation:

    Combined with ChatGPT 4.0, it can generate emails, posts, ideas, and other textual content.

  • Summarization:

    The tool summarizes lengthy discussions, documents, articles, and other content into concise summaries.

  • API Integration

    This tool integrates with your existing corporate applications.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Free Free Free
Premium $18.99/user/mo $15/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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