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Key Features:

  • Natural Language Interaction:
    You can engage with Sidekick in plain language within Slack, making it simple to request assistance or explore its extensive range of tasks.
  • Task Management:
    Sidekick aids in setting reminders, receiving alerts, sorting tasks, and generating concise document summaries, facilitating efficient task and information management.
  • Content Generation:
    Combined with ChatGPT 4.0, Sidekick can generate emails, posts, ideas, and other textual content, reducing the time spent on content creation.
  • API Integration:
    Sidekick effortlessly integrates with your existing corporate applications, enabling enhanced employee data management capabilities.
  • Enhanced Productivity:
    With its AI-powered capabilities, Sidekick provides a valuable tool for enhancing productivity and data management. 


Jigso’s Sidekick is an AI-powered business assistant. It helps streamline critical information management in your organization. It integrates seamlessly with your existing corporate applications, enabling every employee to enhance their data management capabilities.

Adding Sidekick to your Slack workspace is quick and easy, taking just under two minutes. The intuitive onboarding process guides you through the setup process, making it effortless to connect your applications.

In Slack, you can chat with Sidekick in natural language and ask for assistance or type “help” to explore the broad range of tasks it can help with. You can set reminders, receive alerts, ask, sort tasks, generate concise summaries of docs, and more. You can use Sidekick and ChatGPT 4.0 to generate emails, posts, ideas, and any text you need. This tool can efficiently boost efficiency and management.

Sidekick is helpful for professionals across various departments, including Customer Support, Sales, and Operations. It simplifies the complexity of managing multiple systems and dashboards. Hence reducing daily noise and clutter and providing a valuable tool for enhancing productivity.


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