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April 8, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
Effortlessly create stunning Hollywood-level color grades with AI-powered precision.

What is Colourlab?

Colourlab AI Version 3 – CREATOR is a color grading application. It transforms the way professionals improve the visual quality of their projects.

It is available for both Mac and Windows platforms. This tool offers state-of-the-art technology combined with an intuitive design. This makes color grading more accessible and efficient than ever before.

This tool has a matching engine that can achieve stunning color grades with one click. It has options like Auto Balance, Neural Looks, and customizable references. Users can enhance their footage with ease without any technical expertise.

Colourlab AI simplifies the laborious and time-taking process of color grading. Users can easily focus on their creativity and achieve professional-grade results.

The tool integrates with DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere. Users can import their projects into it for color grading. Once graded, the footage can be synced back into their editing workflow for final touches and rendering.

The tool caters to colorists, editors, filmmakers, and content creators. For colorists, it balances and equalizes images for expert-level enhancements. Editors get better decision-making with instant shot balancing and color grading options. Filmmakers can match footage to desired looks or create custom looks. Content creators can elevate the quality of their content and build a larger following with stunning videos.

Colourlab AI offers a wide set of features. It empowers users to create exceptional color grades with ease. It revolutionizes the way visual storytelling and content creation is approached.

Key Features:

  • Video Enhancement

    AI-powered color analysis and adjustment tools for efficient and precise enhancements.

  • Colour Grading

    Applies pre-built looks or automatically generates grading suggestions with a single click.

  • Diverse Styles

    Professionally designed presets for diverse styles and aesthetics.

  • Color Matching

    It uses advanced AI algorithms to balance and equalize the colors in the footage.

  • Camera Matching

    Its AI can ensure that the colors and look of the footage remain consistent.

  • Versatile Exports

    This tool allows users to export videos in both HDR and SDR formats.

  • Workflow Integration

    It integrates with popular editing software, making it easy to merge into the existing workflow.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost Lifetime Cost
Standard Free $15/mo ($150/year) $299

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