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Supercreator AI
June 10, 2024

Supercreator AI

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Effortless, original, and engaging content at your command.

What is is a video creation platform. It changes the process of producing short-form videos for brands, businesses, and individuals. This tool simplifies over 100 tedious and time-consuming tasks into one intuitive application. It enables users to become proficient video creators with remarkable speed and efficiency.

The tool helps users create videos with ease. It has powerful features to guide users through the video creation process. The platform supports every stage of video creation, from ideation to posting.

The platform also provides a range of tools for generating ideas. It can convert articles, Twitter threads, and YouTube videos into scripts. Users can create scripts from scratch or explore suggested ideas based on their activity. This boosts creativity and inspiration. offers automatic placement of relevant titles and smart trimming of empty pauses. Users can improve their videos with overlay images, texts, and customizable templates. It gets professional-quality results with minimal effort.

The platform has a teleprompter and a green screen. It also has AR filters and text-to-filter conversion. The camera is voice-controlled, and users can capture high-quality video and audio with ease.

This tool makes posting easy by providing export options to popular platforms. It also tailors hashtags and captions and suggests catchy titles to optimize engagement. The platform improves its algorithm with every video. This ensures personalized recommendations and improved performance over time. is a platform for multi-user collaboration. It provides script delegation, permission setting, and scheduling and posting automation. AI agents can assist with script writing and editing, making video creation more innovative.

Key Features:

  • Script Writing: AI-powered video script writing is like having a helper that knows what to say.

  • Caption Generation: Captivating text and captions that make your videos stand out.

  • Video Generation: Short video creation, you can make videos for places like TikTok and Reels.

  • Link-to-Script: It provides the ability to convert a link to a script, making it convenient to include external content into the video creation process.

  • Automated Video Details: Generates titles, descriptions, and hashtags to enhance video’s visibility.

Plans Monthly Cost
Team $25/mo

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