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April 8, 2024


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What is Shuffll?

SHUFFL is an innovative AI-driven video creation platform. It acts as a co-pilot for companies seeking to produce high-quality videos affordably.

This tool enables users to scale their video content production while reducing time and cost. It simplifies the video creation process and allows users to generate captivating videos with ease.

The tool caters to a wide range of video needs. It adjusts to various use cases, such as thought leadership content, product announcements, marketing videos, guest interviews, tutorials, explainer videos, testimonials, and community outreach initiatives.

Using SHUFFL is as simple as following three straightforward steps. Users describe the video they intend to create. They provide essential details and preferences related to the copy, artwork, and storyline. They also need to ensure alignment with their branding guidelines. Then, users hit the “RECORD” button and prompt the tool to generate scenes, animations, and audio effects. Finally, users can use the platform to scale their video production efforts by creating multiple series of videos. They can invite team members to collaborate and delegate video production tasks.

SHUFFL empowers users to speed up their video production workflow and unlock new levels of creativity. It does not need extensive technical expertise or costly production resources. This is a versatile video creation solution. It can engage audiences with compelling marketing campaigns, educate viewers through informative tutorials, and foster community connections.

Key Features:

  • Video Generation: Effortless Video Recording with Automated Scenes and Effects.

  • Video Editing: Users can add or remove scenes, edit the storyline, and customize the visual and audio effects according to their preferences.

  • Caption Generation: Improve user engagement by providing text-based transcripts of the video content.

  • Collaboration: Scalability for Multiple Video Series and Team Collaboration.

  • Brand Enhancement: Brand Consistency with AI-generated content.

  • Video Format Flexibility: Versatility for various video formats doesn’t matter what kind of video you want.

Plans Cost
Standard 5 Videos/mo
Premium 10 Videos/mo
Enterprise Custom

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