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April 8, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
Simplify video editing with powerful features for polished and professional results.

Overview of RunwayML

RunwayML is an applied AI research company at the forefront of advancing creativity through AI. It is shaping the next art, entertainment, and human creativity era. This tool is changing the way individuals and industries approach creative expression.

It can create realistic videos using nothing but text input. This allows users to generate new video content without needing lights, cameras, or filming equipment. The Multi-Motion Brush is an innovative technology. It will enable users to control video movements via simple brush strokes.

The tool offers diverse functionalities to cater to various creative needs. Users can generate videos using text, images, or video clips. This enables easy content creation across different mediums. This tool offers Text-to-video, Video-to-video, and Image-to-video abilities. Users can bring their ideas to life in dynamic visual formats.

The tool’s Expand Images feature allows users to expand any image with simple text prompts. Its Reimagine Any Image tool enables instant remixing of style and composition.

RunwayML can train custom AI models on specific subjects and styles, empowering creativity. It also offers tools like Inpainting, Slow Mo Any Video, and Frame Interpolation. These tools can remove unwanted elements, create slow-motion footage, and animate a series of images.

RunwayML has a user-friendly interface. It provides intuitive tools like Green Screen. With a simple click, users can remove backgrounds from videos.

Key Features:

  • Video Editing: Allows users to merge and split video clips effortlessly, as well as other features like video stabilization, video capture, and text overlay.

  • Content Management: The Media Library feature organizes media assets efficiently, making content management a breeze.

  • Brand Enhancement: Brand Overlay allows for easy addition of logos and watermarks to reinforce visual identity.

  • Audio Enhancement: Audio Tools enable fine-tuning audio for clear and crisp sound quality.

  • Video Generation: Use text, images, or clips to generate realistic videos.

  • Text-to-Image: Generate compelling images using text prompts.

  • Image-to-Image: Remix the style and composition of any image.

  • Custom Models: Train your custom AI model on specific subjects and styles.

  • Inpainting: Remove anyone or anything from any video using a simple brush stroke.

  • Slow Mo Video Generation: Turn any video into slow-motion footage, regardless of the original frame rate.

  • Image-to-Video: String together a sequence of images to create animated videos.

  • Background Removal: Remove the background from any video with just a few clicks.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard Free
Premium $15/mo $12/mo
Premium Plus $35/mo $28/mo
Unlimited $95/mo $76/mo
Enterprise Custom Custom

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