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April 8, 2024


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Your ultimate video storytelling companion

What is Pictory?

Pictory is a powerful tool designed to simplify video creation for content marketers. It enables them to generate more leads and boost sales. This tool offers fast, scalable, and affordable solutions for creating shareable videos from any type of content.

It can change scripts into professional-quality videos in minutes. It offers realistic AI voices, matching footage, and music. Users can generate captivating videos with a few clicks, saving time and effort in the content creation.

Content marketers can also turn blog posts into engaging videos, enhancing SEO and reducing bounce rates. This tool converts blog posts into videos. This ensures that content is optimized for search engines and audience engagement.

Pictory allows users to change Zoom meetings, webinars, and podcasts into branded clips. It extracts highlights and converts them into short video snippets. It also helps marketers boost their reach and engagement on social media channels.

This tool enhances accessibility and viewer engagement. It also adds captions to videos, considering that 85% of social media videos are watched on mute. This feature contributes to longer view times and increased reach for the content.

The tool also facilitates collaboration among team members. Colleagues from different departments and external suppliers can share assets and ideas. This fosters creativity and efficiency in content creation processes.

Pictory offers script-to-video conversion, blog-to-video transformation, and text-based video editing. It also provides auto-captioning, auto-summarization of long videos, and API access. It caters to teams, YouTube creators, marketers, social media

Key Features:

  • Script to Video: Transform your written content into stunning videos effortlessly.

  • Blog to Video: Give new life to your blog posts by turning them into engaging videos.

  • Create Video Highlights: Automatically extract the best moments from longer recordings for impactful videos.

  • Auto Caption Videos: Easily add captions to your videos, enhancing accessibility and reach.

  • Video Summarization: Condense lengthy recordings into concise summaries for quick and effective sharing.

  • Video Editing: Users can input instructions in text format, and its AI will put those changes in the video.

  • Transcription: It saves time and effort by generating accurate transcripts of your video content.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $29/mo $59/mo
Premium $59/mo $149/mo
Teams $29/mo (3 Video Projects) $59/mo (3 Video Projects)

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