Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Video Enhancement:
    AI-powered color analysis and adjustment tools for efficient and precise enhancements.
  • Diverse Styles:
    Professionally designed presets for diverse styles and aesthetics.
  • Inclusive Design:
    Accessible to users with various levels of editing experience.


Colourlab AI is a tool designed to change videos and images into cinematic masterpieces like Hollywood displays. It allows users to copy the beautiful color schemes seen in movies. This tool requires no expertise, functioning much like a coloring book. Users can personalize their visuals with accuracy.

Colourlab AI uses advanced technology to study and improve the colors in images. It offers an automated process that promotes their visual appeal. This tool is like a knowledgeable robotic assistant proficient in color manipulation. It enhances the quality of photographs. The tool offers pre-designed color styles that offer instant transformations. This ensures a diverse and stylish aesthetic without effort. This tool caters to creative lovers seeking to boost their work’s visual appeal easily.


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