Pixop | AI and ML Powered Video Enhancement for Professionals & semi-professionals
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April 8, 2024


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Elevate Your Video Quality with Pixop’s AI and ML Powered Enhancement

What is Pixop?

Pixop is a cloud-based AI video remastering tool, too. It improves the quality and resolution of digital video content. It caters to professionals, media enterprises, and partners seeking to improve the visual appeal of their videos. They do not need any expensive hardware or extensive training.

This web app is for filmmakers, video editors, and post-production companies. It enhances videos quickly. The app uses automated AI and ML filters to remaster videos up to UHD 8K. This ensures optimal quality for today’s demanding viewers.

The tool has an intuitive interface with only a browser and internet connection. This makes it accessible to individuals with smaller archives. Its AI filters help media enterprises monetize archival content. The filters update and enhance the content to meet modern viewing standards.

The platform’s REST API offers a flexible solution for businesses with larger archives. It allows seamless integration into existing workflows for broadcasters and TV networks.

Pixop collaborates with media supply chain partners and independent contractors. They integrate video enhancement tools into their services to create extra value for clients. Its affiliate program also offers a 25% commission on generated sales. This encourages participation in cloud AI/ML video enhancement advancement.

This tool has automated filters for ML super-resolution, AI denoising, and AI deinterlacing. The filters improve video quality without complex setups or expensive plugins. It focuses on data security by encrypting user data and processing payments securely through Stripe.

Pixop uses a pay-as-you-use model. There are no recurring subscription fees. Custom enterprise options are available for tailored integration solutions. It offers robust tools for video asset management, storage, and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Video Enhancement: Utilizes AI and ML filters to improve and remaster videos in the cloud.

  • Video Upscaling: Users can upscale their videos for sharper and more detailed videos.

  • ML Super Resolution: Upscale video resolution to UHD 8K while maintaining sharpness and detail.

  • AI Denoising: Reduce noise and grain in low-light or compressed videos.

  • AI Deinterlacing: Remove interlacing artifacts for smoother playback on modern displays.

  • AI Deep Restoration: Enhance overall video quality by fixing compression artifacts, sharpening details, and improving colors.

  • Frame Rate Adjustment: Change the frame rate to match specific requirements (e.g., slow-motion or speeding-up footage).

  • Color Correction & Grading: Adjust colors, contrast, and other visual settings for a more polished look.

  • Collaboration: Create teams, invite collaborators, and share projects for easy feedback and iteration.

  • Data Security: Data is encrypted at all stages, ensuring video privacy.

  • API Integration: Enables users to integrate its video enhancement tools into their existing workflows.

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