Lemon Sight

Key Features: 

  • Video Generation:
    Video creation from the text helps you create awesome videos without any hassle.
  • Transcription:
    Changes spoken words into written words, so you can add captions easily.
  • Content Sharing:
    You can put your videos on different platforms using Qlip.ai.


QLIP AI is a revolutionary tool designed to transform lengthy video content into captivating viral clips effortlessly. By harnessing its advanced features, content creators can extract attention-grabbing segments from videos up to 10 times faster, enhancing engagement and expanding reach across social media platforms. With a promise of 5 times more reach and a remarkable 40% boost in sponsoring revenue, QLIP AI empowers creators to maximize their content’s impact.

The app include a punchline detection system that ensures videos begin with compelling hooks, an AI feedback loop that refines highlight recommendations based on audience performance, and text-based editing capabilities for seamless customization. Creators can repurpose videos with ease, focusing on substance over manual editing. QLIP AI supports various video types, excelling in conversational content, from podcasts to interviews, and more. With a user-friendly process involving uploading, clip selection, and sharing, QLIP AI transforms content creation into a streamlined, efficient endeavor, backed by a supportive community.


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