Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Video Editing:
    Allows users to Merge and Split Video clips effortlessly, as well as other features like Video Stabilization, Video Capture, and Text Overlay.
  • Content Management:
    The Media Library feature organizes media assets efficiently, making content management a breeze.
  • Brand Enhancement:
    Brand Overlay allows for easy addition of logos and watermarks to reinforce visual identity.
  • Audio Enhancement:
    Audio Tools enable fine-tuning of audio for clear and crisp sound quality.


RunwayML is a video tool suited for both beginners and experienced video creators. The tool offers features like Video Stabilization for shaky footage correction, Video Capture for recording within the program, and Text Overlay for adding text to videos. RunwayML ensures HD quality, guaranteeing excellent visuals. Features like Merge Video and Split Video for combining or segmenting footage help manage the videos. The Media Library aids in maintaining video organization. Brand Overlay adds logos and Audio Tools refine sound quality. Sharing videos on social media is simplified, and the tool fosters collaborative work with friends. RunwayML extends its capabilities to transform images into videos. This comprehensive tool caters to various video needs while maintaining user-friendly accessibility.


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