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April 29, 2024


TTSMAKER| Your go-to tool for converting text into high-quality speech.


TTSMAKER is a text-to-speech (TTS) application that converts written text into spoken audio files. It utilizes artificial intelligence to generate natural-sounding speech output from the input text provided by users.

The core function is straightforward – users paste or type in text into the tool, select a voice for narration, and it creates an audio file with the text read aloud in the chosen voice.

The tool offers a library of AI-generated voices across multiple languages, accents, and styles, allowing users to preview how each voice sounds before making a selection.

After choosing the text and voice, users can adjust settings such as speech rate, volume, pitch, and add pauses or emphasis on specific words/phrases as needed. TTSMAKER synthesizes the speech output while respecting these customizations.

The generated audio can be downloaded in common file formats like MP3, WAV, or saved directly to cloud storage. Users can utilize these speech audio files for e-learning courses, multimedia presentations, podcasts, or document readings.

Additionally, the tool offers extra features such as auto-splitting long texts into multiple audio files, batch processing of multiple text files simultaneously, and the ability to add background music or sound effects to the speech output.

Key Features

  • Text-to-Speech:

    Converts text into spoken audio.

  • AI Voices:

    Has a diverse library of AI-generated voices. You can preview and compare voices before selecting one.

  • Voice Editing:

    Allows modification of voice characteristics.

  • Speed Control:

    Adjust speech rate (slower or faster output).

  • Pitch Control:

    Change pitch, volume, and add pauses easily.

  • Integration:

    API available to integrate TTS within your apps/services. It also offers a plugin for connecting with popular video editing tools. It also allows Zapier integration to automate TTS workflows.

  • Multilingual Support:

    Provides functionality across multiple languages.


  • Provides a generous character limit of 20,000 per week.
  • Offers options to adjust speed and volume to your preference.
  • Provides an option for paragraph pauses for better flow.
  • Offers comprehensive online tutorials for user guidance.
  • Email support is readily available for any inquiries.


  • Limited character count may pose constraints for longer texts.
  • Audio files are temporary, requiring timely download for preservation.
  • Variable voice quality may affect the overall listening experience.
  • Unintuitive pause system may require familiarization for efficient use.
  • No offline mode available, limiting accessibility in offline settings.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Annually
Standard $12.99 /month $59.88 /year
Premium $29.99 /month $218 /year
Premium Plus $140 /month $1080 /year

Frequently Asked Questions

How many languages does TTSMaker support?

TTSMaker supports over 100 languages.

Are there different voice styles in TTSMaker?

Yes, TTSMaker offers various voice styles for users to choose from.

How do I convert text into speech with TTSMaker?

To convert text into speech with TTSMaker, simply input your text, select your preferred language and voice style, and click ‘Convert to Speech’.

Can TTSMaker read documents aloud?

Yes, TTSMaker can read documents aloud by transforming input text into audio.

Is there any download format available for TTSMaker synthesized audio?

Yes, TTSMaker allows users to download synthesized audio in formats like mp3, wav, and others.

What is the character limit for TTSMaker?

TTSMaker has a character limit of 20,000 characters per week, though some voices offer unlimited usage options.

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