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June 10, 2024


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Elevate your phone experience with AI-based virtual assistants tailored to your brand.

What is Agent4?

Agent4 allows users to create custom voice interactions for their callers. It could be used for business or personal use. The tool offers many features to ease call handling and improve caller engagement.

It creates intelligent virtual agents. They can answer questions, book meetings, listen to voicemails, and give summaries. These AI agents are customizable to sound like the user or their brand. This guarantees callers a consistent and tailored experience.

Users can configure their agents to respond according to their preferences. They can track calls in real-time and choose to connect immediately if needed. Voicemails are transcribed and summarized, allowing users to assess the content and focus on callbacks. This tool filters out robocallers, reducing interruptions and improving efficiency.

Agent4 is flexible and may be customized to fulfill individual user requirements. It offers both basic call screening and sophisticated call handling flows. Stopping bots, creating bespoke content, allowing many users per agent, business phone help, and premium customer assistance are all available to users.

The tool offers three service tiers: Silver, Gold, and Enterprise. The Silver tier includes features like stopping bots, using the user’s own voice, calendar integration, voicemail transcription, and unlimited calls.

Custom content creation, numerous users per agent, business phone help, and premium customer assistance are among the features added to the Gold tier. Additional features including multiple-line support, bespoke implementation, low-code/no-code custom tasks, and premium customer support are available with the Enterprise tier.

Agent4 optimizes user phone interactions with AI. The tool’s functions are adjustable and its UI is easy to use. It lets consumers customize effective phone experiences for their own needs. This tool offers a reliable solution for improving caller engagement and easing call handling.

Key Features

  • AI Voices:

    Create custom voice interactions for callers to your business or mobile phone.

  • Virtual Agent:

    It builds virtual agents that can answer questions, book meetings, listen to voicemails, and give summaries.

  • Customization:

    Customize your agent to sound like you or your brand, ensuring a consistent and personalized caller experience.

  • Call Monitoring:

    Watch calls happen in real time and connect immediately if necessary.

  • Voicemail Summarization:

    Users can get voicemail transcriptions and summaries for quick assessments.

  • Robocaller Filtering:

    The tool filters out robocallers to reduce interruptions and improve efficiency.

  • Customizable Responses:

    It configures your agent to respond according to your preferences and needs.

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