Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Account Plan Generation
    : Users can provide the name of an account, and the AI generates detailed account plans. 
  • Insights
    : The tool leverages intent insights from news, public filings, and social media to inform you about key buying triggers. 
  • Chatbot
    : A built-in chat function allows users to interact with the AI sidekick. 
  • Text Generation
    : Aomni assists in crafting personalized outreach messages that are tailored to individual accounts and decision-makers.
  • Sales Optimization
    : Automating time-consuming tasks and providing actionable insights accelerates sales.


Aomni is an AI platform designed to help sales teams convert leads into successful deals. This tool solves the time-consuming task of creating account plans, replacing manual prospect research. It understands your product and ideal customer profiles (ICPs). This helps align your value propositions with the specific needs of potential buyers. One of the key strengths of this tool lies in its ability to identify critical buying triggers. It shares new product launches and company initiatives using insights from news, public filings, and social media. The process of using Aomni’s capabilities is straightforward and effective. Aomni offers a built-in chat function and personalized outreach crafted by your AI sidekick. It optimizes your go-to-market strategy, enabling you to integrate new accounts and connect with critical decision-makers through relevant messaging.


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