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Key Features:

  • Automation:
    Leverages AI to fix uncategorized transactions and coding errors, reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy in bookkeeping.
  • Month-End Close:
    With AI-powered automation for month-end close tasks, users experience increased efficiency and reduced stress.
  • Error Detection:
    Allows users to find and rectify errors in their bookkeeping, maintaining super accurate financial records.
  • Client Portal:
    The client portal streamlines collaboration with clients, improving communication efficiency and response times.
  • Categorization:
    This reduces the time spent on manual transaction categorization.
  • Robotic AI Bookkeeper:
    This feature handles daily, weekly, and monthly bookkeeping tasks autonomously, integrating with QuickBooks Online and employing AI models for full accuracy.
  • Transparent Workflow:
    Maintains a detailed trail log throughout the bookkeeping process, offering transparency and visibility into the tasks and categorization decisions.
  • AI-Assistant:
    Users receive expert reconciliation assistance and suggestions driven by AI, enhancing the quality of bookkeeping.
  • Integration:
    Integrates with accounting software like Xero, QuickBooks, and Zoho Books, simplifying data synchronization.
  • Invoice & Receipt OCR:
    Extracts data from invoices, bills, and receipts in real-time, improving accuracy and efficiency in financial data entry.
  • Inconsistencies Detection:
    Helps users easily find and address discrepancies in their financial records.
  • ChatGPT for Email Inbox:
    This feature transforms client emails into tasks, simplifying email management and task tracking.
  • Booke Chrome Extension:
    It offers one-click reconciliation for categorized transactions within accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks.


Booke is an easy bookkeeping solution driven by AI. It improves efficiency and accuracy in financial management. This tool simplifies bookkeeping by categorizing transactions, reducing errors, and streamlining client communication. Its AI-driven automation simplifies the month-end close process, increasing efficiency and reducing stress. Its error detection technology provides accurate books. It also helps users identify and rectify bookkeeping errors. The platform eliminates back-and-forth communication with clients. Booke’s categorization improves accuracy over time, reducing the time spent on manual transaction categorization. GPT-driven RPA powers the Robotic AI Bookkeeper. It synchronizes with QuickBooks Online, reviews transactions, and codes them. It seeks human help when needed, learning and improving with each interaction. Booke’s workflow, detailed log, and intuitive features ensure consistent, accurate, and organized bookkeeping. It releases users from ordinary tasks and enables them to focus on growing their businesses.


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