Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Customer Support:
    Provides accurate and context-aware responses, ensuring a high-quality customer support experience.
  • Natural Language Automation:
    Enables natural language automation without the need for complex workflows or coding.
  • ROI Optimization:
    Maximizes efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI) for support teams.
  • Ticket Lifecycle:
    Covers the entire support ticket lifecycle, from ticket creation to resolution.
  • Policy Creation and Resolution:
    It offers autonomous policy creation and ticket resolution across multiple customer support channels.
  • Sentiment Analysis:
    It helps prioritize and route cases based on urgency, resulting in faster response times and reduced manual tasks.
  • Agent Empowerment:
    Empowers support agents with relevant knowledge and suggested responses. 
  • Workflow Optimization:
    Tracks performance and ROI in real-time and identify areas for improvement to lower costs and improve resolution times.


Forethought provides a support platform, SupportGPT, that simplifies and enhances customer service. This platform assists support teams cost-effectively. It has a 91% average accuracy rate, reducing First Response Time by 40% and deflecting issues by 53%.

It eases the entire support ticket process with Solve for automatic policy creation and resolution. Triage is for sentiment analysis and prioritization. The Assist feature empowers agents with AI-generated knowledge. Discover optimizes workflows and tracks performance.

This generative customer support AI caters to industries like E-commerce, SaaS, and FinTech. It helps companies save on support costs, boost customer satisfaction, and resolve issues faster.


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