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April 24, 2024


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Your AI wizard slashes response times and boosts customer satisfaction across industries.

What is Forethought?

Forethought offers an autonomous, AI-first customer support platform. It has SupportGPT, an AI that enhances customer support. The AI optimizes efficiency and improves customer experiences. SupportGPT uses LLMs fine-tuned on user data to maximize support team productivity and return on investment.

This tool has an average model accuracy of 91%. It delivers tangible benefits to support teams, including a 40% reduction in First Response Time and a 53% deflection rate. It simplifies the entire support ticket lifecycle within a single generative AI platform.

Forethought has four key functionalities: Solve, Triage, Assist, and Discover. Solve creates policies and resolves tickets automatically and across different channels. Triage enriches cases with sentiment and intent analysis. Assist provides agents with relevant knowledge and suggested responses. Discover, recommend, and optimize customer service workflows and track performance in real-time.

The platform caters to industries like E-commerce, SaaS, and FinTech. For E-commerce businesses, it enables instant resolution of common customer service tickets. This saves support costs and boosts customer satisfaction. SaaS companies can resolve simple cases while routing complex or high-priority inquiries to the appropriate agents. In the FinTech sector, it empowers customers to self-serve and equips agents with the context needed for fast resolutions. It meets the demand for instant answers and actions.

Forethought’s customer support AI platform helps companies maximize ROI and ease customer experiences. It automates processes, provides relevant insights, and optimizes workflows. This tool enables support teams to do more with less. It aligns with the modern business imperative of efficiency and effectiveness in customer service delivery.

Key Features:

  • Customer Related Operations:

    Enhance case information with sentiment and intent analysis.

  • Sentiment Analysis:

    Enhance case information with sentiment and intent analysis.

  • AI Assistant:

    It offers a range of cutting-edge features designed to streamline customer support operations.

  • API Integration:

    Seamlessly integrate with platforms like Zendesk and Salesforce.

  • Autonomous Resolution:

    Automate policy creation and ticket resolution across multiple channels.

  • Customer Support:

    Achieve cost efficiency in customer support operations.

  • Swift Resolution:

    Speed up the resolution time for customer queries.

  • Triage Functionality:

    Enrich cases with sentiment and intent, prioritize, and route based on urgency.

  • Agent Empowerment:

    Empower agents with generative AI for knowledge and response suggestions.

  • Workflow Optimization:

    Utilize generative AI to recommend and optimize customer service workflows.

  • ROI Measurement:

    Instantly assess the return on investment in customer service.

  • Gap Identification:

    Identify and address gaps in customer support processes.

  • Real-time Performance Tracking:

    Monitor and analyze customer service performance in real-time.

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