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Key Features:

  • Lead Engagement
    : Engages with leads, providing immediate and engaging responses to inquiries and interactions.
  • Lead Information Gathering
    : The tool gathers vital information from leads, ensuring you have the details you need to understand their needs and preferences.
  • Summarization
    : Creates concise summaries of lead interactions, making it easy for you to review and understand the context of each interaction.
  • Meeting Scheduling
    : Qualified leads can book meetings directly on your calendar through this tool.
  • Lead Notification
    : Receive notifications via email or text when a qualified lead schedules a meeting or when there are new interactions.
  • Lead Management
    : You can see a summary of each lead, search, sort, add notes, and perform other lead management tasks in one place.
  • CRM Integration
    : Integrates with various CRM systems, including Google Sheets, Salesforce, HoneyBook, and others. 
  • Website Embedded
    : You can embed HeyLibby on your website, providing a convenient way for leads to engage with your services.


HeyLibby is a tool designed to simplify lead management and engagement for professionals. Libby acts as your virtual assistant, engaging with leads, gathering essential information, and scheduling meetings with qualified prospects straight on your calendar. It engages with leads, creating concise summaries of their data. This saves you time and helps prioritize leads, allowing you to focus on the most promising ones. This tool benefits both you and your customers. For you, it offers time-saving features and lead prioritization. For your customers, it provides immediate and engaging responses, ensuring they don’t wait around or turn to competitors. You can customize HeyLibby’s appearance and conversation to align with your brand. It can be embedded on your website or shared via a personalized link. It also integrates with various tools, including CRMs like Google Sheets and Salesforce, allowing you to manage leads.


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