Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Job Title Classification:
    Classify job titles into two key categories: field and position.
  • Spreadsheets Integration:
    This allows for swift and efficient job title categorization within spreadsheet applications.
  • HubSpot Extension:
    This integration enhances CRM data management and segmentation.
  • Multilingual Support:
    It supports multiple languages, making it versatile for businesses with an international reach. 
  • Data Security:
    It anonymizes all data except for the job title, ensuring sensitive information protection.


JobtitlesAI classifies job titles and categorizes them into two key groups: field and position. This simplifies your ability to focus and work with the most important job titles.

This tool integrates with spreadsheets or using Hubspot into your workflow. In spreadsheets, use the IMPORT DATA function to categorize your job titles. For Hubspot users, an extension enables you to qualify your entire CRM.

This platform understands job titles in multiple languages. It ensures GDPR compliance by anonymizing all data except for the job title.

It handles multilingual, plural, gender-specific, and context-aware semantic meanings.


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