Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Pipeline Management
    : Users can organize creative pipelines with folders, manage assets, and add various file types, including PNG, JPG, PDF, PSD, AI, MP4, MOV, and more.
  • Visual Feedback
    : Users can share project links to receive immediate visual feedback, making collaboration on creative projects more efficient and interactive.
  • Video Proofing
    : The platform provides a robust video proofing system with visual markers, drawings, and file attachments.
  • Audio Annotation Tool
    : Users can annotate and share music, making it ideal for collaboration and feedback from producers or clients.
  • Project Templates
    : Simplifies project setup by offering pre-built pipeline templates.
  • Interactive Calendar
    : The platform features an interactive calendar that allows team managers to monitor team members’ workloads, task statuses, and upcoming deadlines.
  • Collaboration
    : Simplifies client collaboration by inviting clients for online proofing without requiring registration. 
  • Data Security
    : Prioritizes data protection and security in media production.


Krock.io is a tool for creative collaboration in the animation and video production industries. This platform simplifies collaboration on creative projects, offering different features to enhance productivity and communication. It has an instant visual feedback system. Users can send project links to receive immediate visual feedback. This tool allows users to leave visual comments on PDFs. It simplifies better communication during the creation of briefs or mood boards. It offers a video proofing system with visual markers, drawings, and file attachments for video production. This also includes frame-by-frame and loop review modes. The Audio Annotation Tool simplifies music annotation and sharing for collaboration or client feedback. Krock.io has features like project templates, interactive calendars, and workload management tools. These ensure deadlines are met, and team communication remains effective. This tool helps creative professionals to manage their pipelines, streamline feedback, and strengthen client relationships. It also maintains data privacy and security.


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