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June 10, 2024


Paid plans
Your 24/7 AI-powered support superhero, boosting satisfaction and revenue effortlessly.
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What is Nara?

Nara simplifies customer support and sales processes, allowing businesses to address up to 70% of their inquiries in these areas. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and retention rates.

The tool provides real-time responses to customer queries, ensuring timely assistance whenever needed. It offers instant answers to a wide range of support and sales questions, helping businesses keep customers and boost satisfaction levels.

Businesses using Nara can expect tangible benefits, including a 22% increase in monthly revenue and a doubling of reach to potential clients. Its 24/7 support ensures that customer queries are addressed round the clock, enhancing accessibility and responsiveness to customer needs.

Nara’s AI-powered chatbot automates conversations, reducing support volumes and increasing customer satisfaction within minutes. The tool provides conversational support across various channels, including email, SMS, and more, allowing users to choose the communication channel that best suits their preferences.

Businesses can personalize and administer Nara with ease, tailoring the tool according to their specific needs and choices. This ensures an efficient support and sales experience for the business and its customers.

Users can start by connecting their content sources, including social media, articles, videos, and podcasts. Nara’s AI technology then analyzes and processes the selected content, transforming it into an interactive conversational search that answers users’ queries.

Businesses can deploy Nara across different platforms where customers engage, ensuring an easy and responsive user experience. The tool offers one-click integration with various platforms, making it easy for businesses to include it in their workflows and communication channels.

Key Features

  • Customer Related Operations:

    The tool provides automated responses to common customer inquiries.

  • AI Assistant:

    Understands your questions and requests in natural language and provides relevant information.

  • Data Analysis/Analytics:

    Creates charts, graphs, and other visual representations of your data.

  • API Integration:

    Connects with other applications and platforms through APIs.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $19/mo $190/year
Premium $49/mo $490/year
Premium Plus $99/mo $990/year
Enterprise $399/mo $3,990/year

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