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April 8, 2024

Rask AI

Free + Paid Plans
Break language barriers with personalized video and audio translations using advanced AI technology.

Overview of Rask AI

Rask offers advanced translation and dubbing abilities for audio and video content. It has a vast range of features and support for over 130 languages. The tool helps users transcend language barriers and easily reach global audiences.

The VoiceClone allows users to communicate with their audience in their voice across 29 languages. It lets users personalize their content and avoid synthetic AI voices. It improves authenticity and engagement in audio and video productions.

This tool simplifies the translation process by offering seamless integration with SRT files. This ensures translation accuracy without the need for extensive proofreading. Users can translate content into many languages, dub, redub videos, and add subtitles. The API provides comprehensive localization solutions, including transcription, translation, voiceover, and subtitle creation. This simplifies workflows and enhances efficiency.

Users can save significant time and resources by translating content in minutes. It helps reach new audiences across the globe and expand their market reach. The platform offers cost-effective translation solutions as compared to traditional methods.

Rask can transcribe YouTube videos, translate content, add subtitles, and convert audio to text. It offers diverse usage possibilities to cater to various needs and industries. It provides valuable tools for reaching wider audiences and improving global communication.

Its features include transcription, translation, timestamp control, voice cloning, speakers control, and multispeaker. Rask AI offers flexibility and customization options for audio and video translation and dubbing. It caters to content creators, marketers, podcasters, and business owners. The tool provides the tools you need to boost your content and connect with audiences worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Translation: Translate your video & audio into 130+ languages.

  • Speech-to-text: Converts spoken language into written text, making it easier to edit, translate, and add subtitles to your videos.

  • Voice Cloning: Allows you to personalize your content by adding a natural-sounding voiceover in your own voice.

  • Audio Enhancement: Utilize VoiceClone Technology for Video Personalization.

  • Multilingual Support: The tool supports content in various languages.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $60/mo
Premium $100/mo
Teams $750/mo
Custom $50/mo
Custom $120/mo
Custom $600/mo

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