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April 8, 2024

Animaker Subtitles

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Elevate Your Video Content with Animaker Subtitles – Your go-to AI-Powered Subtitle Generator.

Key Features: 

  • Subtitle Generation:
    This AI-powered Subtitle Generator simplifies the process of creating subtitles for videos, streamlining the task for users.
  • Animated Subtitles:
    Users can choose from a selection of over 20 cool animations to animate their subtitles, adding visual appeal and engagement to videos.
  • Multilingual Support:
    The tool supports 134 languages, making it easy to create subtitles that can reach a global audience, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity.


Animaker Subtitle Generator is an AI tool that makes generating subtitles for your videos effortless. You only have to upload your video, and the auto subtitle generator takes care of the rest. The tool offers various customization options, such as adjusting times, changing text format, and more, allowing you to customize the subtitles to your liking. Plus, the tool provides a selection of over 20 cool animations to animate your subtitles. You can create subtitles that can reach a global audience easily with support for 134 languages. If you prefer manual subtitling, the tool also offers a feature allowing you to add subtitles manually. Once your video is ready, you can seamlessly download it.

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