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April 8, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
The magic of AI turns stories into vibrant visuals and elevates artistry to new dimensions.

What is Kaiber?

Kaiber is an innovative tool made for artists. It uses AI to change text, videos, photos, and music into captivating visual experiences. This tool is created by artists for art lovers. It unlocks creativity through powerful generative audio and video tools.

The Audioreactivity feature lets users upload a song and infuse it with their artistic style. The tool uses audio analysis technology to create captivating elements. It responds to every beat and rhythm. This feature allows artists to elevate their art by synchronizing visuals with music. It adds a dynamic layer to their creative expression.

The Animation feature lets users bring their words to life and change still images into animated series. The Flipbook option offers a frame-by-frame animation style. This allows for timeless creativity as one layer grows based on another. The Motion feature offers a smooth and consistent animation style. It changes prompts into visually captivating experiences with fluidity and motion.

Its Transform feature helps users to change the look of their videos with a few clicks. This allows artists to experiment with different styles and aesthetics. It gives them the flexibility to study new creative possibilities and improve the visual pull of their content.

Storyboard is another valuable feature of this tool. It allows users to design narratives prompt-to-prompt with ease. This feature simplifies the creative process. It also provides a structured path to storytelling. It simplifies the seamless development of artistic narratives.

The Gallery within Kaiber serves as a source of endless inspiration for users. It provides a curated collection of visuals and ideas. The tool also offers a wellspring of creativity to fuel the artistic works of users.

Key Features:

  • Music-to-Video: Transform your music into captivating visuals that respond to every beat and rhythm.

  • Video Editing: Users can convert their videos into new styles and aesthetics.

  • Image-to-Video: Users can transform a series of images into dynamic and engaging videos.

  • Animation Generation: It allows users to create captivating animations using advanced AI technology.

  • Story Board: Design your narratives prompt-to-prompt easily, helping you plan and visualize your creative projects effectively.

  • Motion: Create smooth and consistent animations with enthralling fluidity and movement, making your visual experiences captivating and dynamic.

  • Gallery: Access an endless source of inspiration to fuel your creative journey, offering various ideas and styles to explore.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $5/mo
Premium $15/mo
Premium Plus $30/mo
Enterprise Custom
Custom $10/mo
Custom $25/mo

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