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June 10, 2024

Vizard AI

Free + Paid Plans
Transform videos into captivating social clips with a single click.

What is Vizard AI?

Vizard is an online video editing and generation platform powered by AI. It helps creators and marketers in repurposing their videos. Users can change long videos into social-ready clips with one click. This enables them to grow their presence across various channels.

The tool simplifies the process of creating social-ready clips. It identifies the most engaging parts of videos and generates many clips in seconds. This saves users valuable time and effort than manually selecting and editing clips.

This tool has an AI Smart Cut & Auto-reframe functionality. This transforms landscape videos into vertical format with ease. It detects and cuts out speakers and screens. The tool enables users to optimize their videos for different platforms without hassle.

Vizard also offers AI Transcription capabilities, automatically transcribing videos upon upload. Users can edit their videos by changing the transcript, even if they lack editing experience.

The tool provides AI Subtitling and Translation services. This allows users to add dynamic captions in trendy styles and translate subtitles into other languages. This improves engagement and helps videos reach a global audience more effectively.

Users also get AI Social Caption generation. This generates captivating descriptions and hashtags to boost the visibility of their videos on social media platforms.

Vizard takes a three simple steps process to operate. First, upload and transcribe the video, click the “AI clipping” feature to generate clips, and then publish or share the edited content.

Key Features:

  • Video Generation: This tool helps to create short videos from long videos in a few clicks.

  • Video Editing: Instantly turn long videos into ready-to-share clips for social media with just one click.

  • Caption Generation: Automatic video captions for enhanced engagement.

  • Add Text: Enhance your videos by adding text overlays.

  • Add Images: Insert images into your videos to create engaging visual elements.

  • Transcription: This enables easy search and editing of videos based on the transcript.

  • Add Subtitles: Users can easily add subtitles to their videos, making content more inclusive.

  • Video Resizing: Change the ratio of your videos to adapt to different social media platforms.

  • Video Splitter: Split your video into segments, allowing for precise editing and rearrangement.

  • Content Sharing: Easily create engaging webinars to connect and interact with customers.

  • Video Repurposing: Take your current videos and enhance them for social media platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and more.

  • Video Enhancement: Automatically repurpose existing videos into high-conversion content for greater impact.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $30/mo $16/mo
Premium $60/mo $32/mo

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