Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Video Generation:
    It analyzes your video to identify the most compelling hooks, extracts relevant highlights, and rearranges them into cohesive short videos.
  • Speaker Detection:
    Ensures that the video frames always prioritize the moving faces, guaranteeing that you and your guests remain at the center of attention. 
  • Caption Generation:
    The tool provides accurate captions, enhancing accessibility and increasing watch time.
  • Multilingual Support:
    The tool supports multiple languages, including German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and more, to cater to diverse audiences.


Opus Clip is an AI video clipping tool that transforms lengthy video content into short clips.  Powered by Open AI, it offers a suite of features that enhance the content creation process. One of its features is AI Curation, also known as ClipGenius. This AI technology analyzes your video, identifying the most engaging moments and extracting compelling highlights from various segments. The AI Virality Score is another feature. It assigns a score to each short clip, indicating its potential to go viral. This score is generated by analyzing thousands of viral videos. Opus Clip also offers precise control with AI Co-Pilot. This allows users to select specific timeframes or keywords to clip. Active Speaker Detection ensures that you and your guest remain the focal point in the video frame. The AI Keyword Highlighter improves your video’s visibility by analyzing captions and highlighting valuable keywords. The tool’s AI Emoji Generator adds relevant emojis to emphasize essential content. Opus Clip simplifies content creation with features like auto-resizing, auto transitions, and accurate captions.  It supports many languages, including German, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. It also offers customizable branding options and trendy templates for a professional touch.


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