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April 29, 2024


What is is an AI-powered tool designed to assist content creators in generating engaging YouTube Shorts quickly and effortlessly. By automating the process of extracting the best moments from long-form videos, the tool streamlines the creation of short, captivating content that drives views and expands your audience.

Using advanced AI algorithms, analyzes your long-form videos and automatically identifies the most compelling moments, saving you time and effort in the editing process.

The tool employs precise facial tracking technology to ensure that your subject remains the focal point of the generated shorts, enhancing viewer engagement.

The platform recognizes and tags different scenes within your videos, making it easier to navigate and select the most relevant content for your shorts. offers a stock footage library, images, and sound effects to help you enhance and enrich your shorts, ensuring they stand out and capture your audience’s attention.

It integrates seamlessly with other platforms, allowing you to distribute your content easily and reach a wider audience.

By assisting you in creating more engaging and shareable content, the tool contributes to the growth of your subscriber base and overall channel success. offers a range of pricing plans, including a free option with limited features and affordable paid plans, making it accessible to content creators with various budgets.

By automating the process of creating shorts from your existing content, it significantly reduces the time and effort required to produce engaging, bite-sized videos.

Key Features

  • Video Repurposing:

    Simplifies the process of converting lengthy video content into engaging short videos.

  • Video Clipping:

    Identifies and extracts key moments or specific topics from long-form videos.

  • Facial Tracking:

    Tracks and analyzes facial movements for interactive experiences.

  • Subtitle Generation:

    Generates subtitles for your videos.

  • Aspect Ratios:

    Allows customization of the proportions of videos.


  • Automatically identifies and extracts the most engaging moments.
  • Generates concise video clips.
  • Boosts viewership and subscriber count.
  • Saves creators valuable time.
  • Offers comprehensive video performance analysis.


  • No explicit mention of supported file formats.
  • Potential risk of quality loss in the editing process.
  • Limited customization options may restrict creative control.
  • Possibility of subjective interpretation of “best moments.”
  • Lack of multilingual support may limit accessibility.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly
Standard $9.90 /mo
Premium $19.90 /mo
Premium Plus $49.90 /mo

Frequently Asked Questions

How does work? analyzes video content and extracts highlight moments automatically. This helps creators generate concise, shareable videos quickly.

What features does offer to YouTube creators? auto-extracts highlight moments from long videos, saving time. It also provides a platform for sharing short videos, maximizing reach and subscriber growth.

Can identify the best moments in my YouTube videos?

Yes, can identify the best moments using advanced algorithms. It effectively creates shorts from long videos.

Does allow sharing of created short videos?

Yes, provides a platform for sharing short videos, expanding reach and engagement.

How does technology assist in growing the subscriber base? creates engaging shorts from long content, attracting viewers to subscribe for more.

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