Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Audioreactivity:
    Transform your music into captivating visuals that respond to every beat and rhythm.
  • Animation:
    Turn words into shapes and still images into dynamic, moving visuals, allowing your stories to come to life visually.
  • Story Board:
    Design your narratives prompt-to-prompt easily, helping you plan and visualize your creative projects effectively.
  • Motion:/span>
    Create smooth and consistent animations with enthralling fluidity and movement, making your visual experiences captivating and dynamic.
  • Gallery:
    Access an endless source of inspiration to fuel your creative journey, offering various ideas and styles to explore.


Kaiber is an AI-powered platform that enables users to bring their artistic dreams to life. With its advanced AI generation engine, Kaiber offers a range of features tailored to storytellers, artists, and creators seeking to elevate their creative expression. ‘Audioreactivity’ allows users to upload songs and infuse them with their artistic style. The cutting-edge audio analysis technology transforms music into captivating visuals synchronizing with every beat and rhythm. The ‘Transform’ feature transforms videos into new styles and aesthetics. ‘Flipbook,’ another feature by Kaiber, is a frame-by-frame animation style. It enables users to create timeless animations where one layer evolves based on another. ‘Motion’ provides a smooth and consistent animation style. It turns prompts into enthralling visuals with fluidity and motion. Kaiber also offers a ‘Storyboard’ function for designing narratives prompt-to-prompt and a ‘Gallery’ filled with endless inspiration to fuel your creative journey.


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