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April 24, 2024


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What is FormX?

FormX uses AI to convert physical documents into digital data. Users can extract data from various types of documents, including invoices, bank statements, contracts, and more. It is valuable across a wide range of industries.

This tool has pre-configured data extraction models that simplify the extraction process for users. The models cover general shopping receipts, identity cards, and most official licenses. Users can extract data with a single click, reducing the time and effort required to extract data accurately from different documents.

FormX has an easy API integration that is friendly for businesses and developers. Results are returned in JSON format and can be integrated with any software or platform. The tool ensures compatibility and ease of implementation, allowing it to be incorporated into existing workflows without hassle.

The platform’s web portal is user-friendly and improves the overall experience. It provides intuitive instructions and a low or no-code platform. Users can easily manage parsing configurations and test data extractions. The portal serves as a centralized hub for all FormX-related activities, easing the smooth operation and management of the data extraction process.

FormX also offers mobile scanning capability. Users can capture document photos using their mobile phones. The images undergo optimization processes such as light and contrast adjustment, skew correction, and edge normalization. These processes improve data extraction accuracy, ensuring reliable results even when scanned by mobile devices.

Key Features:

  • Data Models:

    Includes preconfigured data extraction models for various documents.

  • Data Extraction:

    Extract various data types like text, numbers, tables, and addresses from PDFs, images, and online forms.

  • Web Portal:

    Upload documents, manage projects, and access results through a web-based platform.

  • Image to Excel:

    Convert scanned images of tables, invoices, and receipts into editable Excel spreadsheets.

  • Bank Statement Converter:

    Extract key information like account holder details, transaction dates, amounts, and descriptions from bank statements in various formats.

  • API Integration:

    Offers API-based data extraction for easy integration.

  • Document Scanning:

    Allows document scanning with mobile phones for convenience.

Plans Monthly Cost
Starter $299/mo
Enterprise Custom

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